The Magic in Affirmations for Success

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You’re human, so chances are you’ve noticed that when you get trapped in a cycle of negative self-talk, it can seem impossible to break. You may even tell yourself that negative thinking is just part of who you are—which is just more negative self-talk! But there’s hope

Repeating positive affirmations for success can help disrupt the cycle and make it easier to create a fresh, new positive outcome. These positive pathways can allow you to actually change the way you think about yourself, and—by extension—change your reality. The more you repeat daily affirmations, the more you will actually believe them. And that, friends, is powerful—magical even. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

With regular practice, affirmations for success can become a new and more positive framework for your life. There’s even science behind it! One study which used an MRI to observe the brains of people using affirmations for success found that key parts of the brain involved in self-processing saw increased activity.

In other words, daily affirmations can quite literally light up your brain. They do work. And with the right practice, you can find all the success and all the abundance you’ve been dreaming of. Achieving success and finding a dream life full of life blessings and endless opportunities is within your grasp – as long as you can find a way to create a positive attitude that brings you all the good life has to offer.

What is success, exactly?

Different people have wildly different definitions of success. But exactly what does it mean to you? While many think of success as being aligned with financial wealth—this is but one facet of one kind of success, so don’t limit yourself. 

Perhaps, true success in your life would mean achieving a meaningful work-life balance, having deeper friendships, or finally being in a healthy romantic relationship.

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Consider writing out what success means to you to gain a better understanding of your values, passions, and goals. 

Once you understand what it means to succeed in the context of your own life, you’re ready to start choosing affirmations for success (or writing your own!).

What are positive affirmations for success?

According to the National Science Foundation, the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, 80% of which are negative and 95% of which are repetitive thoughts which carry over from day to day. In other words, most of us are stuck in a negative feedback loop.

To affirm is to say something positively. To speak an affirmation, then, is to confidently and assertively declare a positive thought—as though it were the truth. 

A positive affirmation for success is a concise and powerful statement designed to give you better control over your own thoughts. “I am” affirmations hold particular power, as they speak directly to the self—about the self. When you say, write, or think an affirmation regularly, whether part of your morning routine looking in the mirror or spoken out loud on your commute to work, they can become the basis for a new thought-pattern that actually shapes your reality.

The following affirmations for success in different areas of life can be taken as they are, or molded to meet your own needs! 

Affirmations for success in your work life

I am capable of undertaking difficult challenges.

I am deserving of success.

success affirmations
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I am capable of achieving meaningful work-life balance.

I am financially stable and successful.

I hold the power to attain all my career goals.

I excel under pressure.

I am intelligent and resourceful.

I am focused.

Affirmations for wealth

I attract wealth from many directions.

I am ready to use all my skills and knowledge to grow my riches.

I think of wealth, but I also strive for it.

I am able to thrive.

I deserve financial freedom and a joyful life.

My money multiplies as I give more of myself to serve others.

I am a money magnet.

I welcome all the wealth life offers me.

Affirmations for success in romance

I am worthy of love

I am loved.

I accept the love that I deserve.

I deserve someone who loves me for me.

I am attractive—both inside and out.

daily affirmations for success
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I attract partners I desire.

I am enough.

I can turn my fantasy into reality.

Affirmations for confidence

Because confidence is the key to changing the beliefs we hold about ourselves, the last set of affirmations included here is devoted to cultivating more confidence, which can unlock exciting new possibilities.

I am unshakable. 

I stand up for my beliefs.

I am a force for positive change.

I am learning to thrive outside of my comfort zone.

I am at ease with my strengths and my weaknesses.

I am proud of my accomplishments, both large and small.

I am capable of thriving under any circumstances.

I release limiting beliefs about myself which no longer serve me and probably never did.

Do affirmations actually work? Can they bring you a wonderful and successful life?

We often doubt ourselves when what we should be doing is supporting ourselves. Repeating affirmations for success is a way of getting in touch with the fact that we are all brimming with power and imagination—if we only open ourselves to it.

The words we say out loud (and in our heads) can impact our present as well as our future. Not to mention, they can also have a lasting impact—for better or worse—on those around us.

If you want to make a change in your life and naturally attract good results, watch your words and restructure your thoughts as necessary. Stay positive and success is inevitable. 

The power of morning affirmations for success 

Affirmations can calm your body, relieve stress, and give you large and lovin’ doses of confidence and contentment. Especially first thing in the morning! There’s a certain magic to a quality morning routine. After all, morning is the perfect time to start fresh and choose the way you want to feel before anything or anyone else gets a say. Think of it as setting the tone for your day.

Although affirmations can work any time of day, morning affirmations hold particular power because your mind is still waking up, and is more receptive.

powerful affirmations
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What you do in your first 5-10 minutes (maybe even before you get out of bed) can determine your mood and your energy for the rest of the day. With your mind poised for success, you can face any kind of day.

How to make daily affirmations more effective

Consider taking the following steps to get the absolute most out of your affirmations, and achieve meaningful success in your life.

Make a list of your negative traits which you’ve always told yourself were ‘true.’

Include criticisms others have made of you that you’ve held onto in spite of yourself. Don’t bother determining whether they’re ‘accurate’ or not. After all, we all have flaws. Simply make a list and search out a common theme, like “I’m unworthy,” or “I’m too much.” 

This is a great place to start. When you write out the recurring belief, notice if you are holding onto it anywhere in your body—maybe with tightness in your chest or clenching in your stomach. 

Write an affirmation that flips the overarching negative belief on its head.

Get creative with your wording to find better ways of resonating with your deeper self. For instance, rather than, “I’m just enough,” you could say, “I’m everything I need to be, to the nth degree.” Once you’ve written your affirmation, consider asking someone you trust for feedback on making it even stronger.

Say your affirmation out loud for five minutes, three times a day.

Say your affirmations while looking in the mirror, perhaps while applying makeup, fixing your hair, or shaving. If saying it out loud just doesn’t work for you, or you’re not there yet, another option is to write it out several times instead. This is easier to do at work or in public as well.

affirmations for today

Either way, over time as your perception of the affirmation changes, the way you feel will change as well.

Root your affirmation in your body.

As you repeat your affirmation for success,  place your hand on any area of your body that may have felt uncomfortable when you wrote down your negative beliefs. Try to breathe your affirmation into this area while you’re saying it. 

Ask a friend to repeat your affirmation back to you.

As they tell you “You’re everything you need to be, to the nth degree,” see if you can perceive this statement as a ‘good parenting’ message—in other words, someone outside of yourself who is reinforcing a positive and loving message. Alternatively, use your own reflection in the mirror. The idea is to learn to receive positivity and caring.

Bottom Line

Daily affirmations for success are an incredible way to redefine yourself. They can absolutely transform lives. The right affirmations can facilitate your ability to welcome positivity into your life and help you work toward accomplishing even your most harrowing goals. 

So let go of any negativity that’s been holding you back and make these affirmations a part of your life moving forward!


Are you ready to beat those negative cycles?

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