Stranger Calls Woman and Threatens Her Husband’s Life – She Saves Herself With Her Quick-Thinking

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Scammers are getting more sophisticated every day, their strategies going from benign email phishing scams to robbing the elderly of their retirement savings. One woman was almost a victim of one of these scams, and nearly lost the closest thing to her, until her quick-thinking saved the day.

The Alarming Phone Call One Woman Received

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Kerrie Carter was waiting for a call from her doctor when an unknown number popped up on her phone. The area code of the number was Charlotte, North Carolina, so Kerrie answered it thinking it might be her doctor. On the other line, she heard the muffled voice of her husband. It sounded like he was crying, so Kerrie was scared. A voice came on the line, telling Kerrie that he had her husband hostage. The voice went on, telling her that her husband had been at the wrong place at the wrong time, and she would need to pay a ransom if she ever wanted to see him again. 

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Kerrie was frightened, but she was also quick on her feet. She recorded the call and listened carefully to the language. The alleged kidnappers told her just to send the money, and not to tell anyone about the call or discuss the details of the financial arrangement. The way they were speaking and the words they were using were classic scammer lingo, and Kerrie recognized it. She was extremely frightened, but resolved not to panic and to contact authorities. The would-be kidnapper eventually hung up the call. Soon after, Kerrie’s husband called her, confirming that he was alive, well, and not a hostage. 

How One Woman Proved the Importance of Staying Aware

While neither Kerrie nor her husband were threatened with bodily harm in this situation, their livelihoods were still in danger. Had it not been for Kerrie’s quick-thinking, things could have been very different. She knew not to take the words on the other end of the phone at face value and stay skeptical.

Other tips to avoid being scams include asking the perpetrators to describe your loved one. If this doesn’t work, call your loved ones to double check to make sure they are really okay. When all else fails, file a police report.


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