The Best Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers, from Self-Development to Wellness-Focused

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It’s holiday gift-giving season, and you’re gearing up for your latest Secret Santa. But how do you know what to get your work BFF? You want to ensure it matches their fun personality, but it isn’t too cheap or too expensive. You want to consider their habits and interests and find something that combines them, wrapping them in a big holiday bow. In other words, the best gifts for coworkers are thoughtful yet appropriate. So check out these gift options to give your coworker the best office Christmas ever.

A whimsical warmer

There’s nothing better than a warm coffee on a cold winter day. Make sure your teammate’s hot beverages stay toasty in the winter with this coffee warmer (available in multiple colors)!

Who it’s best for: Your most caffeinated coworker

Why it’s a great gift: It’s practical and stylish.

Buyers are saying: “This item was a perfect gift for my wife who thinks her coffee cools down too quickly after she makes it.” – Steven L.

SEE IT: $29.99 at 

A virtual personal assistant

We have smart TVs and smartphones, but what about smart home offices? Coworkers who need list-makers or reminders will benefit from an Amazon Echo, which can make calls, control lights, and much more.

Who it’s best for: Your best delegator

Why it’s a great gift: It’s an all-around helper.

Buyers are saying: “So far it’s one of the best investments l have made.” – Samuel H.

SEE IT: $69.99 at 

Six saucy wine glasses

What’s better than a glass of wine after a long day – especially with your coworkers? For your office party planner, check out these square-bottomed wine glasses best for a Burgundy or Pinot Noir.

Who it’s best for: The happy-hour organizer

Why it’s a great gift: It’s classy and useful.

Buyers are saying: “Very light as compared to what you most often feel, but stylish and appear durable.” – Paul T.

SEE IT: $48.99 at

A sleek travel garment bag

Opening a suitcase to discover a rumpled suit inside is an awful feeling – but avoidable if you get a bag designed to hold hanging clothes. This is especially great for someone who frequently goes on business trips.

Who it’s best for: The constant jet-setter

Why it’s a great gift: It’s a necessity for professional-looking business wear.

Buyers are saying: “Perfect for what I need and at a good price.” – Peter

SEE IT: $39.99 at

The perfect travel mug

You know your work-from-home coworkers or office buddies prefer their own gourmet coffee to the office Keurig. Get them this travel mug, which is leak-proof and keeps beverages warm with a thick lining.

Who it’s best for: Constantly on-the-go coworker

Why it’s a great gift: It’s both compact and heavy-duty.

Buyers are saying: “It looks cool and is built to last forever.” – Mike G.

SEE IT: $30.00 at

The gift of silence

These noise canceling headphones have Bluetooth capabilities and two layers of insulation. Great for a coworker who works from home surrounded by kids, pets, traffic, or loud neighbors.

Who it’s best for: The racket magnet 

Why it’s a great gift: It helps aid concentration at work no matter where your colleague is.

Buyers are saying: “Fantastic battery and good call and Zoom capabilities.” – JR

SEE IT: $149.99 at

Santa’s little helper

Every office has someone who loves Christmas just a little more than everyone else. And this adorable mug features Santa’s adorable mug!

Who it’s best for: Your festive friend

Why it’s a great gift: It’s fun and cute but also useful throughout winter.

Buyers are saying: “I love Santa so I love this mug. Plus it’s a good size!” – Marita

SEE IT: $17.95 at

Bad habit beater

If you know someone trying to make some lifestyle changes at the office or shed some unproductive behaviors, get them “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. 

Who it’s best for: The New Years resolution junkie

Why it’s a great gift: It’s a concrete way to help someone reach their goals.

Buyers are saying: “If you are looking to understand why some habits stick and others fail, this is the book for you.” – Steve F.

SEE IT: $11.98 at

Sold on cold brew 

You have plenty of gift options for hot coffee lovers, but what about cold brew fanatics? Someone who drinks iced coffee year-round needs a constant supply, which they can get with this adorable cold brew maker.

Who it’s best for: The chilly café craver

Why it’s a great gift: It saves time by eliminating the need for an iced coffee run.

Buyers are saying: “The coffee is so good in fact that I might have to buy a second unit.” – Socius

SEE IT: $34.95 at

Sumptuous smells

A home office can always use a little pizazz, and what’s more luxurious than aromatherapy? This essential oil diffuser works with scents like lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

Who it’s best for: The stressed-out teammate

Why it’s a great gift: Aromatherapy is scientifically proven to relax and reduce tension.

Buyers are saying: “It looks very stylish, smells very strong, it is noiseless and last but not least, the lighting is cool!” – Anastasia

SEE IT: $36.99 at

A taste tester

This high-end cocktail set contains botanical extract-filled bitters for drinks like Old Fashioneds, margaritas, and Manhattans. 

Who it’s best for: The cocktail snob

Why it’s a great gift: Alcohol lovers can use these syrups and dissolvable tabs while adding their own preferred brand of booze.

Buyers are saying: “All my friends loved them as their stocking stuffers! So happy with it.” – Nic K.

SEE IT: $149.99 at

A luxurious lip mask

From the skincare brand Laneige comes a berry lip mask fit for the wintertime. Dry weather won’t stand a chance against this moisturizing marvel.

Who it’s best for: A skincare fan 

Why it’s a great gift: Lip masks aren’t just regular lip balm – they’re used overnight for added indulgence.

Buyers are saying: “It’s the best! No more chapped lips now!” – Guandalina A.

SEE IT: $22.70 at

Cozy comfort 

Working from home doesn’t have to be all about pajamas; when the cameras are off, you can bundle up for some head-down work. Make like a kangaroo and hop over to this big, soft hooded blanket with a giant pouch in the front.

Who it’s best for: The chronically uncomfortable

Why it’s a great gift: This gift says “self-care” in the best possible way.

Buyers are saying: “Perfect attire to sit out in the morning with a coffee. The big pocket gives you storage options for a phone or a snack.” – Coty F.

SEE IT: $43.89 at

A key, phone, and wallet findeTile Mate Essentialr

Your scatterbrained coworker can never find the office keys, phone, or anything else – but they will now! A Tile Mate offers stickers, tabs, and trackers for all kinds of objects.

Who it’s best for: The one who loses everything

Why it’s a great gift: It’s ridiculously useful.

Buyers are saying: “Provides peace of mind that you can find your stuff when needed.” – Ben G.

SEE IT: $79.99 at

A little desk warmer

Wintertime doesn’t mean that your constantly frosty coworker has to suffer. Get them a tiny desk heater so they can warm up while the rest of the office stays cool.

Who it’s best for: The chronically cold

Why it’s a great gift: It’ll make your colleague more comfortable and improve their ability to focus at work.

Buyers are saying: “I love this cute little heater for my desk in the office.” – Haley C.

SEE IT: $26.99 at

Thoughtful journal

Give your coworker or boss the gift of learning with a self-discovery journal that offers daily exercises.

Who it’s best for: A coworker on a journey

Why it’s a great gift: It shows you care about their development.

Buyers are saying: “I am so impressed with how reflective this text is and how much I have gotten out of it already.” – Christy

SEE IT: $21.99 at

Interactive map

Who it’s best for: An adventurous boss 

This world travel map is also great for someone who often travels on business trips, as you can scratch off the countries that you’ve visited so far.

Why it’s a great gift: It’s an experience as well as an object.

Buyers are saying: “This is a gorgeous map even when unscratched. The scratched parts are also very beautiful and reveal new things underneath.” – Robin C.

SEE IT: $24.99 at

The best bonbons

This huge pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolates is cheaper and bigger than you’ll find at any store!

Who it’s best for: Your office flirtationship

Why it’s a great gift: It’s a classic display of affection (or just appreciation).

Buyers are saying: “Great value for the size of these awesome chocolates.” – Indigo G.

SEE IT: $22.49 at

Friendly reminders

If your coworker needs a reminder to take it easy each day, these self-care cards are perfect – they’re portable and organized by theme.

Who it’s best for: Your burnout buddy

Why it’s a great gift: Everyone needs a little support, and this gift shows that you’re there for the receiver.

Buyers are saying: “Not gimmicky or corny, the set would make a lovely gift, especially in these stressful times.” – Dempsey E.

SEE IT: $15.99 at

A grown-up lunchbox

This portable lunch container is ideal for coworkers who bring their lunch to work. Made from ceramic, this bowl is both sleek and secure.

Who it’s best for: The daily salad eater

Why it’s a great gift: It’s incredibly useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Buyers are saying: “I use this bowl daily, even at home. It doesn’t stain and is totally dishwasher safe.” – Katie

SEE IT: $35.55 at

Pretty planters 

Even your coworker with the blackest thumb can keep plants around with these self-watering pots. They’re great for succulents, flowers, or small shrubs.

Who it’s best for: The fauna fawner 

Why it’s a great gift: It’s scientifically proven: a little greenery can improve your mood, focus, and concentration at work.

Buyers are saying: “I’m very impressed with them, especially for the price, and have had multiple people compliment them.” – Chelsi

SEE IT: $22.99 at

These socks might not be fit for the office, but the message comes in loud and clear at home; on the bottom, there are the words, “I can’t get up now, the cat is on my lap.” 

Who it’s best for: Your favorite crazy cat lady

Why it’s a great gift: This gift doesn’t just show you care about your coworker, but that their fur babies are also on your mind.

Buyers are saying: “My son always used to use the excuse as to why he couldn’t get up so this was perfect!” – Renee C.

SEE IT: $16.89 at

Cordless charger

This charging pad is perfect to put right beside one’s laptop on their desk – and having one means you’ll never be lending that coworker your phone charger again.

Who it’s best for: The perpetually battery-deficient

Why it’s a great gift: It benefits you just as much as it does your coworker.

Buyers are saying: “It charges my ancient phone so quickly!” – Cynthia

SEE IT: $49.99 at 

World’s best boss

If your boss is a regular Michael Scott, they’ll love having a mug just like the one from the TV show “The Office.” 

Who it’s best for: Your office jokester

Why it’s a great gift: Your shared love of The Office will bring you closer together.

Buyers are saying: “Did the job! Got it for my boss and she was so happy.” – Ibraheem R.

SEE IT: $14.99 at

A quick self-help exercise

This five-minute journal is for once-a-day exercises that can help even the most anxious colleagues stay grounded.

Who it’s best for: Your goal-oriented teammate

Why it’s a great gift: It teaches resilience and appreciativeness through personal exercises.

Buyers are saying: “I highly recommend it to anyone that would like to practice gratitude in a simple, quick way every morning and night.” – Heidi

SEE IT: $28.99 at


Does your cubicle mate have a headache from constant screen use? Buy them these fashionable and practical blue light glasses that filter out the intensity.

Who it’s best for: Headache havers

Why it’s a great gift: Blue light glasses aren’t just for looks – they can reduce the likelihood of migraines.

Buyers are saying: “Great for computer work.” Kristin C.

SEE IT: $14.99 at

Learning through leadership 

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz teaches a Masterclass on leadership, perfect for anyone who wants life lessons from a 40-year business veteran. 

Who it’s best for: The constant upskiller

Why it’s a great gift: This gift is more of an experience than an item.

Buyers are saying: “Anyone that is serious about business will benefit from taking Howard Schultz’s Masterclass.” – Julia

SEE IT: $15/month at

Silky hand cream

Do you have teammates with chapped hands from days of typing, hand-washing, and cold winter air? It’s time for Gloves in a Bottle hand cream, perfect for a desk drawer at home or in the office.

Who it’s best for: A long-suffering typist

Why it’s a great gift: It reduces the discomfort of cracked, dry skin.

Buyers are saying: “This product has saved my hands during this pandemic.” – Rachael

SEE IT: $14.30 at

Whiskey Master Class book 

For lovers of the finest things in life, check out “Whiskey Master Class” by Lew Bryson, which explains the nuances of rye, scotch, and bourbon.

Why it’s a great gift: It turns alcohol into an educational experience.

Buyers are saying: “Written in easy to read language, with enough detail.” – Matthew

SEE IT: $18.49 at

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