Waitress Soothes “Fussy and Teething” Baby So Mother Can Finish Her Meal

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When a baby is teething, their pain and frustration is hard for any parent to take.

Sometimes, neither a cooling teether nor Tylenol will do that trick. In such situations, a suffering parent will try anything to ease their child’s pain.

One mother thought a fun outing and a soft pancake would help her little boy, but the outing didn’t quite go as planned. In fact, it went terribly.

Thankfully, a wonderful waitress swooped in and turned the ugly event into a heartwarming one.  

How a Simple Effort Helped a Mother Enjoy a Well-Deserved Meal

Jessica Ibarra’s 18-month-old son Dominic was having a crummy day. He was fussy and teething. Because of the new teeth coming in, he hadn’t been able to sleep well and felt tired on top of everything else.

Jessica was struggling with him at home and thought a change of scenery and a soft pancake might do him some good. They arrived at the breakfast restaurant Cafe Republic and ordered their food, but the outing didn’t work to soothe Dominic.

He continued fussing and screaming, stressing Jessica out to the point that she decided to take her food to go. 

“He was being super fussy, and trying to climb all over the place. I was really stressed about him bothering other guests, so I was going to ask for the bill without touching my food.”

– Jessica Ibarra

She Was Amazed When the Waitress Took Her Son Into Her Arms

Jessica Ibarra/Understanding Compassion

Jessica hadn’t been able to have a single bite of her own food when she started getting ready to leave.

However, her server Laura Zaku appeared and offered to help. After getting Jessica’s blessing, Laura scooped Dominic into her arms and told Jessica to take her time eating her own meal.

Apparently, Laura had the magic touch.

Dominic melted into her arms and Jessica had 10 minutes of peace and quiet to savour her own breakfast. 

 “He melted in her arms, and stopped fussing. I got to eat for a few minutes without wrestling a toddler. Can’t explain how much that meant to me. Servers are incredible. Moms are incredible. It takes a village.”

– Jessica Ibarra

It Truly Does Takes a Village to Raise a Child

On social media, Jessica shared the story of her tough day and the waitress who turned it all around.

When it went viral, Laura was asked why she decided to step up and help Jessica that day. She answered that she was a mother herself, and she knew just how stressful those hard days can be.

Her mama bear instincts kicked in, and she did what needed to be done to help her fellow parent. Commenters piped up with praise for Laura and compassion for Jessica. The consensus? It truly does take a village to raise a child. Whether it is your local waitress, friends and family, or the local bus driver– we are all part of a village, there to lift each other up. 


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