An Open Letter To The Family Who Left: How I Thrived Amidst The Silence After My Mothers Death

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There’s a subtle yet profound brutality in silence, especially when it comes from those you once considered family. I pen down these words not in search of sympathy or redemption, but to lay bare the naked truth of abandonment, apathy, and the art of using someone’s memory as a mere prop for one’s self-righteous narrative.

My mother, was a woman carved out of resilience and grace, her wit sharp, and her strength unyielding. She was a haven of love, a paradigm of perseverance, and in her, I found my identity. I am her legacy, her echo in the world. She lives on in my laughter, in my stubborn streak of resilience, and in the unbreakable bond we shared. Yet, her passing left a void, a world less illuminated.

Years unfolded, bringing with them a chasm of silence. The once warm gatherings turned cold, the comforting hum of family replaced by a piercing quiet. The passing of my great-grandmother marked the beginning of the end. The threads of familial ties began to unravel, and the fabric of our connection wore thin.

The facade of concern soon gave way to open disdain, particularly towards my grandmother, a woman who epitomized sacrifice and love. They turned their backs, and in doing so, they turned their backs on me. She was a pillar of strength, caring tirelessly for her family until her last breath. Yet, they speak of her with contempt, painting her as lesser, erasing the sacrifices she made and the love she poured into our family.

Now, when they speak of my mother, it’s a theatrical performance of affection, a stark contradiction to the cold shoulder they’ve shown. They wield her memory like a weapon, brandishing it to uphold their image of a close-knit family, all the while blatantly ignoring the living, breathing testament of her existence – me.

But I am more than just a daughter left in the cold. I am a story of resilience, a tale of strength found in the most desolate of places.

I stand before you, not as a victim of your silence, but as a survivor, a thriving testament to the strength and resilience that runs in my veins. I have weathered storms, navigated through the silence on my own, and emerged stronger. I am my mother’s daughter, yes, but I am also a woman of my own making, built from perseverance, from the lessons learned in solitude.

Every achievement, every milestone reached, has been a journey I’ve walked alone, but it’s a path I’ve walked with my head held high.

To the family who chose the comfort of silence over the warmth of kinship, know that your apathy has not gone unnoticed, but it has not broken me either. You have made your choices, laid bare your priorities, and in doing so, you’ve freed me from the illusion of family bound by blood.

You use my mother’s name, but you’ve forgotten her essence. You’ve forgotten the love she embodied, the strength she wielded, and the family she held dear. But I remember. I carry it within me, and I live it every day.

Your silence has spoken volumes, but it is a language I no longer wish to understand. I have found my voice in the quiet, found my strength in the solitude, and reclaimed the legacy you’ve tried to erase. For those who know the pain of familial silence, remember this: you are your own person, stronger than the silence, and worthy of love and remembrance.

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