Christian Woman Unable to Have Baby — Her Prayers Were Answered in the Most Surprising Way

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When Jaclyn Fieberg and her husband Greg Fieberg tied the knot in 2018, they eagerly anticipated starting a family.

Fieberg, an elementary school teacher, and Greg, a firefighter and sergeant in the Air National Guard, dreamed of the warmth and laughter of children filling their home after long days at work. However, their hopes were dashed when Jaclyn Fieberg received devastating diagnoses of endometriosis and a chromosomal condition, casting a shadow over their dreams of parenthood.

As an elementary school teacher, Fieberg poured her heart into nurturing her students, but deep down, she yearned for a child of her own to love and cherish. Each day, as she watched her students laugh and learn, the ache in her heart grew stronger, a silent longing for the pitter-patter of little feet and the joy of holding her own baby close.

As the years passed and hope seemed lost, each day served as a poignant reminder of the life she longed to have but feared may never come to fruition — the dream of holding her own child in her arms.

They Hit “Every Single Roadblock”

Jaclyn Fieberg

Jaclyn Fieberg and her husband Greg embarked on their journey to parenthood filled with hope and anticipation. However, their path was fraught with challenges from the very beginning. Despite their unwavering determination, they faced countless obstacles, enduring seven rounds of IVF and three heartbreaking miscarriages.

“Every single roadblock that I felt like we could hit, we were hitting.”

Yet each setback had a silver lining. These obstacles only helped their bond more as a couple, testing their resilience and resolve.

However, in the midst of their struggles, Fieberg found hope in her sisters, McIntyre and Corritori. Their constant support and selfless acts of love played a crucial role in making Jaclyn’s dreams of motherhood a reality. In the best plot twist ever, her family helped her start one.

God “Blessed” Her in the Most Unexpected Way

three women and a baby sitting on a couch

When her doctor, Matthew Lederman of RMA of New York – Westchester, suggested the possibility of using an egg donor, her younger sister, Meredith McIntyre, immediately stepped forward. Led by love, McIntyre selflessly volunteered to donate her eggs, offering Fieberg a ray of hope in her darkest hour.

“I don’t know how she went through the journey that she’s been through,” McIntyre, a mother of twins, said. “It’s been years and it was so hard for her family to see her struggle. It was just blow after blow.”

“I just knew it was something I had to do for her,” McIntyre said. For the first time in a long time, Fieberg had a renewed hope — but it wouldn’t last long. The family was devastated when they discovered their initial attempt was unsuccessful. McIntyre experienced complications and was not able to carry Fieberg’s baby-to-be.

That’s when her sister Stephanie Corritori courageously volunteered to carry the baby. It was the sisterhood of the traveling womb!

These three sisters joined forces, showing incredible determination and the strength of family bonds. With their unwavering support, Fieberg found herself blessed in a way she never imagined — surrounded by the love of her sisters and the joy of having a child with their help.

Their Prayers Were Finally Answered

person holding a baby
Jaclyn Fieberg

As Fieberg and her sisters stood united in their unwavering support, their prayers were finally answered in the most miraculous of ways. After enduring countless trials and setbacks on their journey to parenthood, she received the long-awaited news that would change their lives forever.

On Feb. 1, 2024 their baby girl, Emersyn Clare Fieberg was born. And she was perfect.

A mother at last, Fieberg said of Emersyn, “She’s going to know her story, and she’s going to know how wanted she was, and that her aunts did the most selfless, incredible thing.”

She Listened to an Uplifting Playlist Everyday

Every day, Stephanie Corritori found inspiration in a meticulously curated playlist. These songs were a source of strength throughout their unique journey to parenthood. A month before Corritori underwent IVF, the playlist became a comforting companion during these unsure time.

With each melody, Corritori found a renewed sense of hope and determination. One song, My Wish by Rascal Flatts, held a special significance, reflecting Fieberg’s struggles and the heartfelt desire for a brighter future, not only for her but now for little Emersyn. This playlist, carefully crafted with love and intention, became a symbol of resilience and unwavering faith in the face of adversity.

Corritori’s playlist included a diverse selection of uplifting tunes, each carrying its own message of hope and perseverance. From Luke Bryan’s Most People are Good, a reminder of the inherent goodness in the world, to the timeless classics like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s When You Believe and I Will Always Love You, each song served as a beacon of light during their darkest days.

Other songs included Elton John’s I’m Still Standing and MercyMe’s I Can Only Imagine — a powerful song which sparked dreams of a future filled with endless possibilities. As Corritori listened to these melodies day after day, she found herself filled with hope and determination. Each song became a prayer, a reminder that even in the midst of uncertainty, miracles were possible.

And when baby Emersyn finally arrived, these songs echoed the joy and gratitude that filled their hearts, a testament to the power of love, faith, and the unwavering support of family.

“Blessings” Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Though Fieberg may not have been blessed with a baby in the traditional sense, she discovered a different kind of blessing in the form of her family. With unwavering love and support, her sisters, Meredith McIntyre and Stephanie Corritori, stepped forward to fulfill her dreams of motherhood.

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