Husband Leaves Family and Goes Missing Without a Trace – Then, Strangers Deliver the Truth to His Wife

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It’s been over a year since Ashley McGuire’s husband, Charles Withers, went MIA — allegedly up and ghosting her and their two children.

But thanks to the power of the internet, the Sherlocks of social media found him in less than a day, despite him moving states, and changing his phone number and name.

There is NOWHERE to hide, Charlie.

After abandoning his then-pregnant wife and their young daughter last year, all Ashley wants to do is divorce Charles and move on with her life.

But to get divorced, she has to find him first.

So, Ashley did what you do these days. Rather than call the authorities she put out an APB on Facebook. To say it worked is an understatement. The post (which has since been deleted) spread like wildfire, spawning multiple posts with millions of views and thousands of shares on X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, and Reddit.

It even landed in multiple chapters of the popular Facebook group, “Are We Dating the Same Guy,” where, coincidentally, it seems Charles was ultimately busted.

“This is my husband, Charles Withers. He loves to be the center of attention but I’m not sure how much he’s going to like this,” Ashley wrote in the viral post.

(And let this be a cautionary tale about the fury of a woman scorned).

“Last year, when I was pregnant with our youngest baby, he decided being a husband and a dad wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted anymore and he ghosted, like gone without a trace.”

Ashley McGuire, Facebook

She went on to share that he has two children, one he hasn’t seen in over a year and one he’s never even met.

Ashley also provided a brief description of her ex, writing that he’s “British and charming AF” and likely goes by “Charlie” now. He’s also a chef and “probably never mentioned having a wife or kids back in Massachusetts.”

She ended the post with a plea, “If you know him, if you’re working with him, if you’re dating him or friends with him, can you please have him get in touch with me or let me know where I can find him.”

The Internet DELIVERED

Ashley’s post struck a chord. Millions of people became invested in the sordid saga. They all wanted to know the same thing, “Where’d you go, Charlie Withers??

Before long, details of Charles’s whereabouts began spilling out on Facebook like an oil slick. Women started popping up out of the woodwork online to confirm that they had been matched with him on the popular dating app, Bumble.

In a now-deleted comment, Ashley revealed that she had a “few girls he’s been involved with reach out” to her after seeing her post on social media. “They’ve been pretty spread across the country though. But yes, I’m willing to bet he’s alive,” she added.

Turns out, the chef, who once appeared on the reality T.V. show, “Chopped,” IS alive and now living somewhere in Texas.

After receiving hundreds of messages, Ashley posted a welcome update on Facebook…

“I’ve gotten MORE than enough information to locate him.”

“Single moms are a special breed, and I know a lot of you have gone through the same situation I have,” she added.

Wife Asks for Mercy for Estranged Husband

Despite all he put her through, Ashley doesn’t wish Charles any ill will. She just wants to have the opportunity for a fresh start.

“Please know I truly do not wish him any type of ill will. I sincerely appreciate all of your support, but please do not make threats, spread hate, or try to go out and locate him,” she wrote on her FB update.

“Truly I only want to see this situation resolved so me and my children can restart our lives and fix the damage done. At the end of the day I get to come home to my babies and be their mom, so I think I win regardless,” Ashley concluded.

In an interview on Monday with Ashlee Feldman of the JAM’N Morning Show, Ashley revealed that “all’s well that ends well” and she’s finally been in contact with Charles.

She explained that she removed the Facebook post after he texted her and told her he’d be “happy to talk to her.”

She also reiterated that she didn’t intend for him to become the “most hated man out there.” She just wanted the chance to finally close the door on this chapter in her life.

“I hope he’s good. For somebody to turn their life this upside down, there’s obviously some internal struggles there, there’s a lot going on,” Ashley said. “But at the same time to just walk away from all responsibility, just walk away like it never happened is just – you can’t do that.”

She continued: “You need to be held accountable. There needs to be some respect for the situation.”

In a world that can often feel cold and divided, this proves just how small and connected we really are.

Obviously, Ashley’s post captivated millions of people. But not just because it allowed amateur sleuths to live out their CSI fantasies. People from all over the world rallied behind her and supported her, wanting a positive outcome for both her and her kids.

When this single mom needed it, people SHOWED UP.

Ultimately, Ashley’s story is a powerful reminder of the profound impact social media can have in bringing people together for a common cause.

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