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It’s the news we’re all afraid of hearing one day. It’s the worst-case-scenario. It’s when a medical disaster hits and the odds aren’t in our favor. Which is exactly what happened to this one couple when they were told after 63 years together, they would have to band together for the fight of their life.

How this one husband chose to “support” his wife, took the internet by storm.

After 63 Years Together Cancer Threatened To Take Everything From Them

Old photobooth strip of Nana and Papa@jennjensc/TikTok

When long-term couple “Nana” and “Papa” learned Nana had cancer, they didn’t hesitate to start treatment.

Chemotherapy is no joke, but no amount of reassurance can prepare someone for the uphill battle they are about to climb. One of the first daunting obstacles a woman under going chemotherapy must face? Losing their hair. While there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, it can be difficult for women to “find their inner warrior” after be forced to shaved their head. Losing your hair during cancer treatment can cause unpleasant emotions like fear, anger, embarrassment, etc. Some people find that being proactive by shaving their heads gives them a sense of control and helps them get comfortable with their new look. After shaving their head, it’s not uncommon for women to wear fashionables head coverings like scarves or wigs.

In uncertain times like these, it’s when chemo patients need their loved ones more than ever. But “Papa” was the husband who had a shocking way of showing his support when he saw Nana’s “post-chemo” makeover. And his devoted daughter, Jenn (@jennjensc) caught it all on camera.

When His Wife Walked Through The Door He Laughed In Her Face

An elderly woman sits in chair with blue blanket while doing chemotherapy.An elderly woman sits in chair with blue blanket while doing chemotherapy.@jennjensc/Tiktok

As any loving daughter would, Jenn stood alongside her mother to help her with her new transition. Nana wasn’t sure how Papa would receive her “new look.” In order to make it fun, the two women plotted a “wig reveal” and the results couldn’t be more surprising.

“My parents have been married for 65 years. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He tried to be encouraging.”
– Jenn, @jennjensc

Jenn’s TikTok video opens on her father, Papa. She whispers that her mom is trying on wigs and she is ready to show him what she has. Papa seems hopeful. “She’s trying on wigs? Oh that’s good,” he says. But when the camera pans to Nana and Papa sees her for the first time, it’s safe to say the results were not what he was expecting. And his reaction can’t hide his shock.

Watch Jenn’s Video:

He Called Her “Willie Nelson” — Here’s How She Got Him Back

In the hilarious and heartwarming video, Nana’s wig is undeniably silly. The long black hair is down to her waist and styled in two braids. While Papa tries to be supportive, like any good husband would, he just can’t help himself. Nana is the first one to crack a smile at how ridiculous she looks. Then Papa comes back with the most hilarious observation. “You look like Willie Nelson,” he remarks. And it’s funny because it’s true!

The comment section blew up with all kinds of supportive comments. “I was prepared to cry but didn’t expect it to be from laughing 😂 this is gold,” one user wrote. Jenn replied to the comment agreeing wholeheartedly, “We haven’t stopped laughing,” she wrote back.

Jenn’s video of her parents went viral overnight. The video racked up over 5.3M views and more than 35,000 comments! Nana and Papa were such hit that their newfound fans were requesting follow up videos. And they didn’t disappoint!

Here’s the hilarious and heartwarming way this couple “celebrated” Nana reaching the halfway mark of her chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Nana’s Resilience Reminds Us To Take Life In Stride, One Day At A Time

screenshot of a comment on TikTokscreenshot of a comment on TikTok@jennjensc / TikTok

In life, there are no guarantees, but Nana’s journey is a powerful reminder of the importance of resilience, humor, and the support of loved ones.

Despite facing the daunting reality of chemotherapy and the changes it brings, she found a way to turn an overwhelming moment into something lighthearted, sharing joy and laughter with her family and the world. Her story teaches us that even in the face of adversity, we can choose to embrace life with grace and a sense of humor.

Nana’s ability to laugh, even during one of the most challenging times of her life, encourages us all to take things one day at a time and to find reasons to smile, no matter what we face. It’s a valuable lesson on resilience and the strength of human spirit.

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