Woman Poses a Question to Dads Online – Video “Backfired” For All The Wrong Reasons

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In the age of social media, thought-provoking questions can spark intense debates and emotional responses. Amanda Sharp is a hobbyist women’s rights activist, and frequently uses TikTok to post her unique takes on the troubles women face in modern society.

Recently, Sharp posted a video on TikTok and found herself at the center of a storm when she posed a controversial question about safety and trust. Her video quickly went viral, drawing both support and criticism. But in the rush to respond, did her critics miss the deeper point she was trying to make?

A Provocative Question

Amanda Sharp’s viral video featured a stark and unsettling question:

“Dads with daughters, would you rather have your little daughter be in the woods with a bear or a man? Maybe asking it this way will allow men some extra perspective of what women are saying because ask yourself this, and show me that you’re not emotional about having to make that decision. That if your little girl’s life depended on it and you had to choose one, the bear or the man, which would you choose? And I think your answer can absolutely make other men who just are so oblivious to what women are saying now understand.”

Sharp’s intent was clear — to highlight the pervasive fear and lack of trust women often feel towards unfamiliar men. By framing the question in such a stark manner, she hoped to provoke a deeper understanding among men about the anxieties women face. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect.

Her Video “Backfired”

The internet’s reaction was swift and harsh. Many TikTok users took to the comments to express their outrage, with some stating, “You shouldn’t have access to children if you think this is a logical argument,” and others simply questioning the rationale behind the choice: “The man. What kind of question is this?” With over 17K comments, it’s safe to say the backlash was intense, with many accusing Sharp of fear-mongering and presenting an illogical scenario.

But was the criticism justified? Or were her detractors missing the underlying message?

Watch Amanda Sharp’s Video


Say it louder and differently for the men in the back! Would you rather have your daughter in the woods with a man or bear. Your choice. #manorbear #bearorman #wouldyourather #daddydaughter #daughters #sayitlouder

Did Her Critics Miss The Point?

At its core, Amanda Sharp’s question wasn’t about literally choosing a bear over a man. It was an ethical and emotional probe designed to make fathers — and men in general — confront an uncomfortable truth. While of course, a parent’s natural instinct would be to choose a human over a wild animal, the very hesitation and discomfort in making that choice reflect a broader societal issue: the mistrust and fear women often experience regarding their safety around men they do not know.

Sharp’s video aimed to shine a light on the lived reality of many women. The point was not to suggest that a bear would be a safer option, but to illustrate the profound discomfort and fear that can arise even at the thought of a young girl alone with an unknown man. By posing such an extreme question, Sharp hoped to evoke empathy and understanding, encouraging men to recognize the severity of the issue.

The angry comments and backlash suggest that many viewers focused on the literal aspect of the question, missing the ethical dilemma Sharp was presenting. The real question she posed was about understanding and empathy, challenging men to think deeply about the fears and vulnerabilities women face daily.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask The Wrong Question

Amanda Sharp’s viral video, despite the backlash, serves as an important conversation starter. It highlights the need for greater awareness and understanding of the fears and challenges women face in a society where trust can often be a luxury. By provoking such a strong reaction, Sharp succeeded in bringing a critical issue to the forefront of public discourse.

In the end, her question wasn’t about choosing between a bear or a man; it was about recognizing the pervasive sense of danger and mistrust that many women live with. It was a call to action for men to acknowledge these fears and work towards creating a safer, more understanding world. Her critics may have missed the point, but the conversation she started is one worth continuing.

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